Search engine optimization (SEO)

Website promotion is aimed at attracting the target audience by displaying your website in the TOP search engines on the most popular (or you specify) search queries. Weekly monitoring of positions for each keyword and pay only for those who are in TOP10.

what are the benefits

  • It’s cheaper than contextual advertising. You only pay for the days when the site was in TOP10.
  • Wordy key phrases bring not just visitors, but buyers.
  • A lot of key phrases in TOP3 give more traffic to the site.
  • The website is consistently in the TOP10 and is not affected by the updates of search engines.
  • Involved in the promotion of all pages of your website.
  • The effect of the promotion already in the first month of work.

Time and cost of work

  • Average time of getting into the TOP10 about 1.5 months
  • Average budget for 100 phrases from $1000
search engine optimization

search engine optimization


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